Remodeling Your Business? Make Sure the Pipes Are Right.

Remodeling Your Business? Make Sure the Pipes Are Right.

Find plumbing for your commercial kitchen remodel in Fremont, CA

Are you starting a commercial kitchen remodel? Are you searching for commercial water heater installation in Fremont, CA? If so, you need a plumbing contractor with expertise. Ted Klein Plumbing has over three decades of plumbing experience and specializes in remodeling projects for commercial and residential clients.

The plumbing has to be perfect in your commercial remodel. Whether you're renovating a biomed lab or you need a commercial kitchen remodel, Ted Klein Plumbing is the plumbing contractor you can trust. Call us today for a free estimate.

3 reasons to choose an experienced plumber

If you're remodeling your business in Fremont, CA, then you need to know that your plumber can give you exactly what you want. These are the top three reasons you should hire Ted Klein Plumbing for your remodel:

  1. We will help design your remodel and work with the construction team.
  2. We can provide your business with a commercial water heater installation.
  3. We handle the complicated needs of a commercial kitchen or a biomed lab.

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